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Tipard Windows Password Reset Review and Coupon

$15.96 Official $19.95

The most cost-effective Windows password reset software in the world!

Tipard Windows Password Reset is not very famous as other Windows password key, but it is still one of the most powerful tool to help you reset Windows password. And it is the cheapest Windows password reset software in our Top 10 list. The official discount is 15% OFF, so the standard version only need $16.96. Not only that, Windows password key as an affiliate of Tipard, we can offer 20% OFF for you(As a promotion), so you can get this tool with $15.96 by use our coupon.

As the most cost-effective tool to reset Windows password, does Tipard Windows Password Reset work well on its job? The answer is yes, this tool can reset all types of Windows password with the easiest way.

  • Reset and add Windows local/domain Admin and other user password
  • Reset password with bootable CD/DVD or USB drive
  • Compatible with almost Windows Systems and computer type

How to use Tipard Windows Password Reset

Step 1. Create a bootable CD/DVD or USB drive

Download and install Windows Password Reset on an accessible computer. You can see two options after launch this software: CD/DVD (supported by all versions), USB drive (supported by Platinum/Ultimate version). Insert a CD/DVD or USB drive, then click “Burn CD/DVD” or “Burn USB”.

Step 2. Boot the locked computer by created password reset disk

Insert the created CD/DVD or USB flash drive to the locked computer, then boot the locked PC by the password reset disk. The Tipard Windows Password Reset will launch automatically on your computer.

Step 3. Reset Windows password

Choose an account and click “Reset Password” to reset Windows password. After reset your password successfully, this software will remind you that eject the bootable disk and restart computer .

Or you can add a new user account on your computer (Ultimate version only), just click “Add User” after launch the software, then enter a new username and password, click “OK” to complete the operation. Now you can log in Windows with the new-setting account.

Choose the Best Tipard Windows Password Reset for you

You can choose the version right for you, and the difference with other products is Tipard Windows Password Reset limit the use times.

Standard Platinum Ultimate
Support almost all Windows operating systems (like Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP) yes yes yes
Support bootable CD/DVD yes yes yes
Support bootable USB flash drive yes yes
Reset local admin and other users’ password yes yes yes
Create and add a new administrator/other account yes
Amounts of burning bootale CD/DVD 5 times 20 times 100 times
Amounts of burning USB flash drive 5 times 20 times
Price (20% OFF) $35.96 $44.95 $35.96 $44.95 $35.96 $44.95
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8 Total Score
Tipard Windows Password Reset

Tipard Windows Password Reset is the most cost-effective software in our top 10 best Windows password recovery list. With it, you can reset Windows password with the lowest budget.

  • The most cost-effective.
  • Limit the use times.
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